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Here there be major Goverment fail.
Mismatched Twins
Snagged this from JetPack Angel's LJ, thought it deserved to be shared.  You should be warned that this may induce rage, anger, ranting, and loss of faith in goverment (or at least insurance comnpanies).

"From the Huffington Post: [U.S. insurance companies are denying victims of sexual assault health insurance], arguing that the physical and psychological ramifications of assault are "pre-existing conditions" that make victims uninsurable.

A 38-year-old woman in Ithaca, N.Y., said she was raped last year and then penalized by insurers because in giving her medical history she mentioned an assault she suffered in college 17 years earlier. The woman, Kimberly Fallon, told a nurse about the previous attack and months later, her doctor's office sent her a bill for treatment. She said she was informed by a nurse and, later, the hospital's billing department that her health insurance company, Blue Cross Blue Shield, not only had declined payment for the rape exam, but also would not pay for therapy or medication for trauma because she "had been raped before."

Yes. They went there. They say that sexual assualt VICTIMS are being PUNISHED for what has happened to them. If you are or were in an abusive relationship, and this is on record, you can be denied for this. What the fuck is wring with our government? We are supposed to be a goverment for the people, by the people, from the people. This is wrong with a capital W, and a complete reversal in sane thought. Again, peopel are puynishing rape victims for being raped. What the fuck goverment?


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